Wednesday, October 29, 2008

-raises from the dead-

ALRIGHT! coming back after...basically a year.

Well ...lets see. im in college now [kinda ...apparently]

Oh im attending MangaNext in newjersey this weekend! i'll be selling things and hoping i make enough to get around for a while.

I'm also currently working on a BL doujin... of original characters [mine and my friend's]. how selfish i know! but I wanted to start with something not fanartish.

Its called 防火壁 .....ichi! yeah one. cause im planning on another one after this one. maybe a series if it works out?

a series of sean whoring himself out..

lovely! right? uhhhh.

though im really considering remaking the cover now. I get bored too easily..

I had started on it but now i decided to re-start since i wanted to make a script this time.. its hard handleing characters when they are not yours.. @_@ but you know the person that owns them.


well i have to do work now :x i'll keep posting here about stuff. woooo -runs off-