Sunday, August 30, 2009

NewYork :D

Lol I'm so smart. I start to charge my camera so I can take it with me and I end up forgetting it. there were many things I wanted to take pictures of during the 21 hour drive to NewYork lol ;-; but... oh well...

I managed to take this before I forgot it though

MeltDown poster <3 I left it with my sister.

And guess who this is >8D!

lol she's never worn that dress in any video though... OTL oh well.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


wooo. So I'm reviving my twitter and blog. hoorayss.

Why does it seem like everyone has their own little fandom going on? I don't really fanrage over anything... its kinda boring. SO i guess i'll fantard over vocaloids xD this song... i love this song!

Hmmm... I'll be traveling back to Newyork in a couple of days. ... two days actually xD; i should go pack. but i wanna get some work done first.

aghhh can't wait for school to start again. [not many people think like me though OTL]