Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008

holy crap. sugarstars updated. 3 pages !!
and im currently working on one more. might be up tonight or be saved for next weekend.

I need new music, reaaally badly.

good song.

I did it... I read all the volumes i bought [eagerly waiting for the next volumes!!!!! please]

I love this series so far. the only thing that strikes me though- damn everyone is in love with the main girl.

EVERYONE EVEN THE GIRLS- and the gay guys. [ what ?? ]

not that im complaining really... but.........

oh well- thats shojo i suppose.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Im always buying art supplies that i dont end up really using...

it makes me feel kinda bad. but i guess i would end up using them anyway eventually...... [right? |||]

Thursday, November 13, 2008

i found out my family has actually been more together since I left..

its alright. I feel like i should feel jealous and a bit left out. but I sort of am not... though I am miserable here. I feel its best for me to stay around here. its easier for me to get around.

I wonder why i act of such cold nature. even though...I really know i'm not.

I shall see them next month.

I got home alright today... My throat hurts a bit. I bought iced tea on the way home. ... i should really be carefull with my money.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


woah whatever happened to sleeping...?

I guess i'll go get some now. i have class tomorrow. it is funny... its only one class but it eats up my whole day!

removed my header... too cheesy now that i think about it.
I finished volume one of the manga im reading.. wow it was better than what i expected! I think i will enjoy this series as I did with fullmoon. my only problem is that i dont remember the names of the characters so easily... maybe by the time I get to volume 4... -sweat-

I'm really behind on homework.. but I really dont feel like doing it ( xx)

I have a quiz to do also....gah. maybe tomorrow night. I should be working on my 3D animation..even though its not really due tomorrow. I should get at least some done..

Life is complicated...isnt it? though my problems are not half as bad as other's.


there have been small riots in the sugarstars website lately. its rather amusing but i'll bare with it. i would understand if it was my job to work on the comic but it isnt- so why the heck??

i'll update this more often will small things. i shall try!

I bought manga recently [7 volumes.. actually ;;; ]. i shall be following it.

I do have to buy manga.. i just cant read online for some reason...