Thursday, May 24, 2007


Well i dunno what im gonna be using these things for, i guess they'll serve as journals of sorts.

I just got back from graduation practice, its so convenient to have a friend with car >_< so i didnt have to walk back. I'm so sleepy, I've been really slacking off with sugarstars, it makes me a little angry. I will try to have more pages now that i'm during summer... but its hard when inspiration is low. to the right there is a page i'm working on right now. i havent drawn anymore than that. so x__X; i'm a little behind there.... I started drawing as a hobby.. sometimes i get so discouraged, i just wanna stop drawing all together.... but i guess that if i keep going i'll get better... x_X why can't i like my art? it saddens me...

I have so many prints to work on. AH. my dad might help me buy all i need to start my own printing gig, so i can print my own poster and prints and bookmarks instead of having others do it for me =__= i dunno if it'll work out... i need to get funds first though. *sweat*

I'm gonna go finish toning that page now... I really need to update the website ^^;;;; the fanart folder is hitting 70 pictures already... @__@; people love to draw sugarstars... heheh. I ain't complaining.